The good news is, the next 7-10 days is forecasted to be nice and warm!

The bad news, during this time of year getting a nice stretch of warm weather almost always means at least a day or two of extreme wind! And when the wind gets over 20mph, it's a little to much for outdoor training. Sometimes we will still get our lift in and forego volleyball when it's windy, but today looks extreme. 23-24 mph forecasted for this evening.

So we are cancelling todays training! No training today. But we are posting the lift so that players can do it at home.

Industry warmup

Superset #1  3 rounds
1.split squat x 12 each leg (lunge position, one foot directly in front of the other)
2.push up core plank exhale x 3 (push up position, big breath in slow exhale x3)
3.sumo squat calf raise x 20 (sumo squat, double shoulder width, knees pressed out, down to 4.parallel, hold the parallel position and do your calf raises)
5.1/2 push ups x 12 (exactly like it sounds, half a push up)
6.leg lift w/corkscrew x 12 (supine position, double leg lift with corkscrew(circle) at the top)

Superset #2  2 rounds
1.Russian twist x 20 (supine position, upper body off the ground, feet off the ground, hands held off the body out in front, rotate left and right at a controlled speed in a full range of motion)
2.Sumo squat x 16 (double shoulder width, feet open at 45degrees, knees pressed out so center of knee tracks over center of foot, NO Grinding, squat to parallel or the level you can control
3.Glute Bridge to leg raise x 15-20 each side (standard double leg glute bridge, once you are up in the bridge, raise one leg up while keeping it in the same position/shape it is already in, then lower the leg, lower from the glute bridge and repeat with the other leg. 15-20 each leg
4.Swimmer x15 each side (prone position, arms and legs extended super man style, swim. 15 each side

Any questions, text us!!!!