How often can I practice volleyball?

practice frequency depends on your current level of desire and physical fitness. Being such a technical sport we encourage players to touch the ball every day, the only that needs to change is your volume and intensity. On days where you are feeling strong, jump, hit, serve, pass, play and do it all. On days where maybe you are feeling a little sore or tired, stick to basics, setting or passing against a wall or to yourself, or light pepper or passing with a friend.  

Club Costs

One of the most frequently asked questions. With such diverse training programs including club volleyball, fitness, nutrition, beach volleyball, weight loss, and any combination of the programs, costs can vary. For our 8 month club season club costs can range from $1200, for our basic entry level team, up to $5500 plus travel for our top travel teams that compete across the country. It's a commitment, physically, mentally, and financially, but you will get more out of our program than any other club program. Our club players receive the most complete training regimen offered at the club level and will get pieces of all of our training programs throughout their club season. For parents, athletes being coached out of state with video and email feedback, and everything in between, we set up training programs based on your goals and can put together packages based on a single session or a year long training program, it's up to you!

Fall Industry Elite Training

For both our younger athletes with no school programs and middle school and high school athletes who prefer the college prep route and opt out of their school programs, our Industry Elite developmental program preps them both physically and technically for the upcoming club season and future collegiate success. Players who have chosen to sit out of one school season have made varsity teams the following year. Players who have sat out one school season or more have signed at schools like UCLA and The University of Hawaii.