Parents and Players, welcome to the IndustryVBC. Our club is entering it's 18th year as the top technical club in the area, the only club to develop players from first touch to top 3 ranked division I teams, the only club under 15 teams that holds 3 Junior Olympic Qualifier medals, and a club that is built on a player first foundation.

We hope that you will invest not just your time and energy this season, but your intent and passion into progressing both technically and physically as an athlete. Showing up to practice every day is only half of the battle! Players need to come in well rested, energetic, enthusiastic and prepared to work hard and learn new skills every day. We know the instruction and training is Elite and for the players who come in looking for improvement every day, your game will grow infinitely over the course of this season.

Hard work is its own reward! A motto we live by. With coaches competing professionally we don't ask for 100% commitment, we give it everyday. We encourage players to come in hungry, work hard, be willing to make mistakes and learn from them and be open to communication. Our hope is that all players will learn to communicate at an adult level so that we can help grow your game together. And even though we outwork all of our competitors, we still have a ton of fun, mid season beach tournaments, parent daughter competitions, team scrimmages and more!

The links below will take you to any of the necessary paperwork as well as payments for all levels of registration payments.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at anytime!
Director Meaghan Wheeler - meaghanwheeler@elitevbc.com
Founder Andrew Vazquez - founder@elitevbc.com

IndustryVBC travel team payments 2018-2019
IndustryVBC SCVA competition team payments 2018-2019