Industry Volleyball - Indoor

     As the very first club in the greater San Fernando Valley area to offer strength and conditioning training within the club environment and use beach training as a regular part of training both indoor and beach volleyball players, we are the most experienced and the best at what we do. Since 2002 when we were the first to implement strength and conditioning and beach training protocols we have been training players of all levels of experience and helping them achiever their personal goals. As the only club to take players from their first day of volleyball to athletic scholarship at a top 3 ranked division I program our programs success speaks for itself. 

      Located in Chatsworth / Northridge California the Industry VBC has been setting the standard in specialized club volleyball training since 2002. Offering Club, Rec, Beach, private lessons, small group lessons, position specific training, weight training, jump training, sprint training, and nutritional counseling all as part of our seasonal training packages and club environment, members can access every facet of sport and athletic training. With players graduating to University Of Hawaii, UCLA, Fordham, Colgate, and numerous other Division I, II, III and NAIA schools, we've had senior classes graduate with over an 85% success rate in moving on to the collegiate level of play. 

     From learning the basics or making a school team, to earning a starting spot, starring on a varsity team and onto collegiate hopes and dreams.  From players who have never played Volleyball before, earning spots on their high school team rosters, to entire U14's teams earning Varsity positions as freshman we have set the standard with youth development. With our top club players achievements including athletic scholarship to play at the University of Hawaii Beach, and being ranked #7 in the country in kills per set in womens Division I volleyball indoor,  we still continue to keep our focus on facilitating success for each and every player in our club. 

Just had to drop a quick note to share how thrilled I am with your program. Every night after practice (my daughter) has such a great energy and excitement for volleyball and overall good health. Thank you for your commitment to teaching the girls not only the great sport of volleyball but also a way of life that includes self-discipline, confidence and the importance of healthy competition.
— Industry VBC 14Elite parent

Industry Club Teams

     We look forward to helping all of our current and potential members achieve their goals. Our home gym and primary practice facility has just changed from the Powerhouse Gym to Crunch Fitness, same location, new owner and name. With the current goal of investing over 1 million dollars in the renovation and improvement of the entire facility, we are excited to be a part of this fantastic change. 

     For all prospective club players and Industry members. We field both practice and tournament teams every season and have teams that practice 1, 2, 3, and 4 days a week depending on the team and level of play. We encourage all players to play to their experience level and skill set as opposed to just their age group. As the only small club in our greater area to EVER win multiple Junior Olympic qualifier medals we take pride in setting a national standard that has been unparalleled by our competitors. While some clubs train the masses and boast about their size and on a couple teams achievements, our pride comes with knowing every player in our club by name and helping each and every one achieve their own individual goals no matter how big or small. We take the same pride in helping every new player learn the game, first time players make their school teams roster, and experienced high school players develop into the stars of their varsity teams. 

     If you want to get the most out of your club volleyball training and make the most of your athletic career, contact us today for your complimentary training session. We accept new players at almost any point during the calendar year!


Fall Training

     Similar to our local park and rec leagues but with 10x the learning and progression. With parks and recs using rules that are not current in our sport of volleyball, and volunteers as coaches, we know there is so much more to offer our local youth sport advocates. The Industry Youth Prep League is here for the players and families that want more. With club level instruction and training at a price point comparable to the park and rec leagues players have an opportunity to advance their game faster than they ever thought possible. Learning the correct fundamental skills, athletic movement, and rules of the game of volleyball will prepare them with a solid base of support for their future athletic endeavors. 

     Contact us today for your complimentary training session and more information!


Summer Camps!
Private Lessons
and Small Group Training

     Each summer we offer summer camps that will help fast track any athlete in both volleyball skills and athletic movement. Our top club coaches and players help take our summer instruction to the top level as we assist all interested players in becoming great at volleyball. Please click on the link below for more information!

     Private instruction can help fast track your sport and athletic progress! Private lessons give you one on one time with our top coaches and will elevate your game faster than you ever thought possible. Small group training is here with the same purpose in mind but setup so that like minded players can defer the costs of private training and still receive all the benefits of one on one instruction. 

     Indoor and Beach, we have coaches who have competed at the top of both levels of play ready to help you take the next step up in your technical skills and athletic capabilities. 

     Private lessons and small group training for both boys and girls, contact us today for more information!