Industry Fitness Training

Fitness training is based on so many variables, age, short term and long term goals, current level of fitness, fitness background, potential sport and so much more. Our programs are based on you and your specific goals. Every person that signs up for the Industry Individualized training program will receive a 1 on 1 consultation either live or via Skype to begin their program. Throughout the program they will also receive unlimited free email assistance for any questions regarding their specific training program.

Each program package consists of a unique level of coaching attention.

Level 1 = Personalized training program based on your short term and long term goals. 
 Initial consultation up to 60 minutes and unlimited email support

Level 2 = Level 1 + bi-weekly phone or Skype question and answer session up to 30 minutes

Level 3 = Level 1&2 + monthly film review session of all major components of the training program

Whether you are looking to improve your movement, vertical jump, overall game or just build muscle and get strong, we can get you to the next level of athletic and sport success. Below are three complimentary sample programs that you can download and test out for yourself!

Contact us when you are ready to jump to the Industry Elite level of fitness!

Industry Fitness Training

With 2 day, 3 day and 4 day a week programs for our sport specific athletes, we've got programs to cover all types. Weight training will take your game to the next level and can be loads of fun in the process when done correctly. Our primary focus is making sure that our programs enhance and improve all aspects of our athletes training with specific focus on their sport of choice.  Email us with questions and to get your sample program!

Industry Health & wellness training

For anyone looking to get back into athletics or just searching for the ideal health, weight and fitness, our wellness training programs will help you achieve and sustain your goals. Our entry level sample program is a great combination of mobility work, PNF patterns to help restore proper movement and placement in rounded shoulders and rotated hips, and is combined in a series that gets you warmed up, into a working heart rate period and cooled down all in one routine. 

Industry Athletic enhancement and sport specific training

Speed - Agility - Quickness - Power

All components of athletic enhancement. From Olympic lifting to plyometric training we help athletes unlock their true potential while maintaining peak health and performance. Our sample program is a short plyometric routine designed to give you more pop in your first step and put a couple inches on your vert. Test it out and see!